Peace people, I felt compelled to write this editorial because Gangstarr was a huge part of my adolescent years. My era was the mid 90’s, and Gangstarr played such a vital part of that. Their album “Moment of Truth” was a big turning point for me. I remember being in the high school gymnasium at lunch and my boy brought up the source magazine to me and told me “Dude, you have to get this album “Moment of Truth” by Gangstarr.” He was going on forever about how it got 4 and a half mics in the source and how it should’ve got 5. That was right when their first single “You Know my Steeze” was playing on “RapCity” and “Yo MTV Raps!” I loved that song and the video had a very dope concept, so I was like “I’m coping this album with the quickness”. I went to Sam Goody and got the cassette tape, looking at the cover with Guru and Primo at the judges table, I was like “This cover is classic”. I knew I was in for a journey. I take the cassette tape home, rip the plastic off, put in the stereo and I hear the intro where Guru and Primo was building about how we need to be there for the youth. I was sold already. It seemed so sincere and vital to what goes on in with the youth and the urban districts and how we have to be positive role models for them.

Then “You Know My Steeze” comes on, “The reeaal, hip-hop! Emceein’ and D.J.’n’ from ya own mind ya know. I guess right now we can start the show?” The vibe to the tracks was genuine true to the core hiphop. Guru was dropping so many jewels on the joint “Cause MC’s have used up extended warranties/While real MC’s and DJ’s are a minority”. I played that whole album all the way through while chillin’ back on the sofa. Each and every song was a true to the heart classic on there. It’s like every song was a book of it’s own. “Royalty” “Robbin Hood Theory”. “JFK 2 LAX”, “Moment of Truth”, “Next Time”, “Above The Clouds”, “What I’m Here For”, “She Knows What She Wants”, and so many others. Guru was speaking knowledge that was so sincere, so true, so relevant to todays society, and DJ Premiere’s beats on there were pieces of heaven. I mean, it was a perfect combination that created a true timeless hip-hop classic. I put everyone I knew up on it and that solidified Guru as one of the most important emcees ever to me. And on a side note, my stereo ate my cassette tape not once but twice and I went to buy a new copy both times. I can write a whole book about this album alone. This album deserved an easy 5 mics along with a 10 page spread. I can write a whole book about this album alone.

“Moment of Truth” is, was, and forever will be my favorite album ever. I want to thank DJ Premiere for making the most magnificent instrumentals, and Guru for speaking to me through that album. That album is a life kit that every human being needs. Guru showed each and every one of us that he cares about out our well being and our future. He always had lyrics that were bottomless deep, potently poetic, sincere and honest. Plus his messages stayed with me after the track was over. He was a true artist and a genius. To Guru, thanks for adding enlightenment to my mind. Thanks for the hard work and dedication that you gave to the hip-hop culture. You are truely the purest form of this art. You are a legend, a visionary and your legacy will live on forever. Thanks for making “Moment of Truth”. That album is so sacred to me. I will play that for the rest of my life and remember you for your great contributions and the realness you brought to your music. Peace to your friends and loved ones. And once again, thank you.

R.I.P to The Legend


May God Bless You.