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Emcee to Emcee – 08/31/10

Black August Art Show & Film Festival – 08/20/10

BA Art Show 2010 (w-logos)(2)

BA 2010 Film Showcase Poster (w-logos)(2)

Emcee to Emcee – 08/17/10


YouTube Clip of the Month…Run Tell Dat….Homeboy!

Say what you want about him…. Antoine Dodson knows where he comes from. He cherishes his family and stands up for them in the face of adversity, all while waving a very useful, rolled-up piece of paper in your face homeboy! The Huntsville Alabama PD better step aside and let Antoine handle that rapist if they’ve got good sense!

Well now ol’ boy has become an internet sensation.  There is a doll created in his likeness for sale on EBay, a birthday cake with his now infamous “Run Tell Dat” line and his face in frosting on top and of course, there’s Antoine Dodson (The Remix) now available on YouTube! See video below.

But bigger than all of that, let’s address the talk in the blogosphere.  Do news programs highlight this kind of behaviour to perpetuate stereotypes? Is Antoine a hero or a one man Minstrel Show?  Let’s get down to business in the comment section and we will revisit this time tomorrow.  Looking forward to your feedback.

Written by Shaquanna Coles

Black August Hip Hop Concert – 08/13/10



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HOMAGE 3: ILLMATIC – 08/05/10


\”Emcee to Emcee\” – 08/03/10