As education is the true foundation for success in life. H2C2 is dedicated to helping youth through Edutainment. Edutainment is a unique blend of music and various educational themes. We combine Hip Hop and subjects like Civil Rights, Diet & Nutrition or Economic Literacy and teach youth in a Hip Hop Centric way.

Edutainment has become a very popular tool to reach kids in a non-traditional way of teaching. Whether it’s our Hip Hop 101 or a lesson plan created specifically for a school or youth group, we are very successful in reaching hard to reach kids.

Our programming is available to schools or organizations in a traveling format, allowing us easy accessibility to come to your location. This highly affordable program is a great way to bring fun back to the learning experience for both students & teachers.

For older students and adults we can provide the basics in how to properly interview, prepare a resume or dress for success.

In a time where the average Harlem resident eats more take-out than home cooked meals, we now offer a Home Economics course. Our goal is not only to prepare individuals to master the basics of cooking but in doing so create a more “Healthy Harlem”!

The Culture Center is also a great bridge between generations. Parents and children can come and be united in their collective Hip Hop experience by learning about where it came from, where it is now and where it may be headed!

The Hip Hop Culture Center is truly focused on serving the Hip Hop Community all over the world!