The Cigar Boys are the definition of “renaissance men,” experienced in various topics.

Bringing Slow-cooked, Grown-up Gourmet Music To A Microwave-able Hip Hop World

In this social networking age, where it seems no one wants to grow up, The Cigar Boys are flexing their maturity. From the nature of the songs, to the way they dress and act, Cigar Boys dispel the notion of throwaway “ABC” lyrics, showing that it’s cool to grow up and thrive. Hip Hop may have been born in the inner city but it’s influence is far reaching. The Cigar Boys resonate across multiple music environments, touching on universal themes that affect a savvy and well-lived audience underserved by most of today’s music offerings.

From experiencing the birth of a child, to times of celebration with one’s friends spent appreciating the finer things in life, to thoughtful moments, when a good drink and a cigar help transition through the real moments of a man’s life, The Cigar Boys are creating Hip Hop for grown ups.

The “Playas”

Joe Malloy, aka “Papa Hot” began his professional recording career as a member of Harlem based Hip Hop trio “The Boogie Boys.” As one of the first rap groups to be signed to a major label, they scored a top ten hit with their classic single “A Fly Girl.” His song writing and production credits range from Hip Hop’s Royalty like Grand Master Mele Mel to today’s global Mega-Stars like Lady Gaga.

Curtis Sherrod, aka “Mexi-Ray” is a true Harlem Rennaisance man. An entrepreneur, a community leader and the creator of The Rapathon marathon series in Harlem. As Executive Director of The Hip Hop Culture Center, Curtis brings to bear all that he can leverage from his years in the industry. His first record was recorded in 1979 (“The Ultimate Rap” featuring Nice and Nasty MC’s) making him a true Hip Hop pioneer who has transitioned to become a smart businessman who’s stood the test of time with flying colors. 

Melvin Bryars, aka “Hip Hop Chef DR” is a Harlem Bon Vivant, Boulevard Ambassador and an actual chef of impecable taste! From writing songs that reflect his well lived and colorful background, the former video host/producer has left an impact on all who meet him and hear his distinct voice. Standing in at 6 ft 5 inches, the “Uptown Fly Guy” will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Joe Malloy, Curtis Sherrod and Melvin Byars are The Cigar Boys.

What The Cigar Boys Bring To The Table

There’s a word the youth have been bantering about… swagger. Thing is, true swagger doesn’t come from 200 dollar sneakers, or driving around in the hottest coupe. Swagger is something that years of experience brings. By the time you’ve really earned what the young’uns would call swagger, it’s no longer that, it’s “poise.” That is what is at the core of The Cigar Boys. Their authentic poise and maturity speaks volumes about these three men at the peak of their craft. The Cigar Boys have the self-possesion to carry themselves as kings in all environments while maintaining relevance to a wide-ranging audience.

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