August’s featured artist is Albert Rhymestein

arhymesteinMy name is Albert Rhymestein. You can call me Al. Or Rhymestein. Whichever you prefer is fine by me (as long as you don’t pronounce it “Rhymesteen”). And let’s throw the disclaimer into this write-up early on: I am not Jewish but, if you want to pretend I am in a battle, I’ve got a wealth of relevant references with which to defeat you.

I was born in a small town in Delaware (a state with a lot more chickens in it than hip-hop). I have been a serious hip-hop head, a disciple of the music and culture, long before I was ever an MC, but my eclectic love for music as a whole has been the guiding light through my 23 years on this planet. From Buena Vista Social Club and Bill Withers to Black Thought and Blu, I am a student to good music both past and present.

After graduating college (where I majored in Music & English), I moved to Brooklyn in the fall of 2010. Through a series of fortunate events, I have met and befriended some of the world’s most talented, supportive, and dedicated hip-hop artists, and they’ve all been here in NY, the birthplace of hip-hop!

Over the past six months I’ve spent my time at many Hip-Hop Subway Series (shouts to Grey Matter), Sin Sin, the Defective Clones Bugout Sessions cyphers (every Friday night during the summer in Union Square), and 2 Slices & a Mic open mic sessions (every Wednesday @ 90 Worth St in Manhattan). I just participated (for the first time) in the 4th Annual Rapathon, and I won the “Blackout Award.” After being in the H2C2 with so many incredible artists, I can guarantee you I’ll still be freestyling at the 40th Annual Rapathon – mark my words! I also just won the Fighting For Futures MC Battle and Producer Showcase, organized by FFF and hosted by Homeboy Sandman.

I’m one half-and-half of Dollar Coffee alongside my man BS ( Coffee rules everything around me, cream, two sugars, dollar dollar bill, ya’ll! We are currently working on a full-length album together that will be completed by the end of 2010, and we will be performing our first live show on August 20th (details below). I also just started a new project with Spills (, one of the DOPEST producers living and breathing right now. If his beats don’t make your body move, then you might be paralyzed. Keep your ears open for both of these projects…coming soon!

I am proud to be held down by my Fam!LL crew! Shout-outs to BS, Grey Matter, Steve Fox, Warren S. Britt, Truth Now, QV, and MC Faceman. I am also proud to support Fighting For Futures, a NY based non-profit organization that uses creative means to empower the minds of underprivileged youth around the world (shouts to Felecia Cruz and the whole crew!). Lastly, but certainly not least, shouts to my man Desine and the biggest thank you of all to my girlfriend Rachel (aka Skillzworth) for holding me down from the very beginning and continuing to believe in me.

Straight up – I love hip-hop! No other music or culture has ever spoken to me like hip-hop. Common used to love her…but I never stopped. Hip-hop music is the most creative, powerful, and influential music the world has ever known, with the proven ability to incite and bring about change. I have the utmost love and respect for every MC, DJ, producer, B-boy/B-girl, graffiti writer, beatboxer, and hip-hop head who stays true to themselves and keeps our culture alive with honesty, passion, positivity, and dedication. Thank you to the Hip-Hop Culture Center for giving me this honor! Peace!

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Dollar Coffee’s first official live show (FREE)

Dollar Coffee (Albert Rhymestein + BS) performing at the New Rev Arts Festival

o Date: Friday, August 20th at 9:00

o Location: DCTV (Ground Floor), 87 Lafayette St, New York, NY

o Other artists performing: MC Faceman, Warren S. Britt, DJ Charlie Hustle, DJ Danny Dan, Intikana (of RDAC), Bliz Da Don, and Cody Gee