atlas.This month featured artist is AtLas’

A love so complex it defines simplicity” ~AtLas’ (Luv song 2005) These seven words say it all. At two, AtLas’ started break dancing, and she wrote her first rhyme at age seven. Music makes up her biological compound. In other words AtLas’ IS music. Now, a more seasoned emcee she embodies the true meaning of hip-hop. Each line she writes is carefully crafted to ensure she is able to express her exact feelings. AtLas’ often assumes the role of the antagonist. She feels responsible to use her gift to speak for those who are unable to put their thoughts into words. In addition to her written work, she realizes the importance of the performance. Often complimented on her stage presence, she has said that she is more comfortable on stage than anywhere else. At 13 she performed for the first time. Nothing could have ever prepared her for the amount of comfort she felt on the stage. Showing no signs of nervousness, with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic to accompany her, she “rocked” her first crowd, and has been doing so ever since.

Check out AtLas’ Dollar Demo Video below:

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