_MG_0353_2This month’s featured artist is Elus

 He was, is and always will be ELUS: short for elusive, mysterious, indefinable, hard to explain but ever so talented. His dominating and distinctive voice is a powerful force that moves songs to remarkable limits. His ingenious word-play strategies allow him to weave in and out of beats like a needle and thread through fabric. “The first rappers I remember being visually represented on screen were Onyx performing their hit “Slam” in 1990,” Elus vividly recalls. The memories of old school hip hop artists, the forefathers of modern day MCs, had a great impact on Elus as a child and goes back to when he was only six years old. “It’s like going through a couple of unsuccessful relationships and then finally finding the right one,” says Elus in describing his experiences with different genres of music until he finally found his destined Hip Hop.

Elus was born as Malik Darian Sinclair on March 29th, 1985 during the prime time of Hip Hop music which was radically blossoming and gaining worldwide recognition. Despite all this, a combination of trying to fit in and a strong feeling that most rappers in the late 1990s were not producing quality material inspired Malik to write his own music. He started out as battle rapper because he always felt he had to prove himself to gain acceptance. Malik first got involved in Hip Hop as a DJ in 1997. He felt like an outcast because he was periodically misunderstood by his peers. This fueled Maliks unorthodox and unexpected personality. Hence, Malik adopted an alias which perfectly described his individuality: Elusive. As a DJ he spun at local parties and put together rap tapes of himself, his cousin and anyone else around him who participated in the craft.

A couple of years later DJ Elusive became known as ELUS. By this time, Elus gave up DJing so that he could focus on rapping. He began to write rhymes that reflected negative situations that surrounded him Namely, his father coming in and going out of his life, strong feelings of displacement and his mothers struggles from day to day in order to survive. Elus was always very passionate about rap and this is evident in his lyrics. They have always been filled with intense emotion and intellectual interpretations of life. In a way, rapping was a means of catharsis for him. Elus started receiving a lot of positive feedback about his rhymes from his peers and a tight network began to develop around him. It was as though a separate community was forming.

In choosing the most talented artists from those that surrounded him ELUS formed a team called Street Connectionz. The team affectionately became known as SC, which initially started out with only two members, ELUS and his cousin, HEAT. Throughout the years SC began expanding. The vision that ELUS held onto, of bringing together the most talented rappers from the BX, transformed into a movement. In the heart of it all the flame was a burning desire to make music. Elus flame is still burning. As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Street Connectionz, Elus does not expect anything less than good music from the SC family.

ELUS establishes a connection with his listeners by inviting them into the naked truths of reality. Whether it is positive or negative, ELUS records paint a mental picture for his audience. The combination of his dedication to make meaningful yet ground-breaking songs and his unmatched style describe his intense love for Hip Hop. Elus will continue to surprise Hip Hop fans with his unbounded flow and touch them with his heartfelt songs. Hip Hop is not only an art-form, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle ELUS knows all too well because ELUS IS Hip Hop. When it comes to creating music it is evident that Elus will produce hit after hit for years to come. So sit back, close your eyes and study the paintings as you listen to each track because the only thing that will remain elusive is ELUS himself!