Kween1This month featured artist is Kween Ka$h

A play off of her given name Kashana Green, Kween Ka$h was immersed into music at a very young age. Influenced by multiple genres of music and entertainers, she found herself falling in love with the lyric, choreography, and style of various artists. Born in Brooklyn, New York to Trinidadian parents, Kashana has no qualms about representing these dualities. Her distinguishable sound has enabled her to open for major recording artist and make appearances on well known television networks such as BET and MTV. In 2006, Kween Ka$h was voted “Best Female Rapper” by her peers at the Underground Music Awards as well as “Best Freestyler” in 2008 at the all female rapathon sponsored by the Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem, NY. Her debut album was released independently in 2008 and was indeed “Pure Fire”, suitably titled. Her lead single “New York Bounce” ran for months on many independent music video programs including Video Music Box and Fuse, on demand. There should be no doubt upon hearing her rhyme that she’s got skills. However she’s not the only one…

Kween Ka$h along with fellow female emcees, Likwuid Sylez and AtLas’, have formed a unique musical trio named GNU (Group Named Unknown), pronounced “NEW”. Collectively, they represent a new sound, new energy, new lyricism and a new level of musical entertainment. Their recorded debut is anticipated by anyone who has experienced GNU live. All of which have undoubtedly become “GNUbies”. Their show, music, and the artist themselves are filled with so much energy and cleverness; you can’t help but feel it!

Along with being a recording artist, Kween Ka$h looks forward to ventures in the behind the scenes aspects of entertainment such a song writing for others (Hip Hop, Pop and R&B), short film production, play development, and directing. 2010 is guaranteed to be a productive year for the Brooklyn, born artist whose creativity flows as smoothly as her lyrics. Kween Ka$h has over seven years in the underground Hip Hop scene of NYC, and her experience and durability shows. There are no arrangements when it comes to her uniqueness and artistry. “I’ve never put any effort in trying to be different. There has never been a time in my life when being myself wasn’t enough.” Whether it’s a solo performance, freestyle session, or a collective effort with the group GNU “Your Royal Flyness” Kween Ka$h is sure to reign.