M-TRI & DJ Leecy T

From the Gravesend section of Brooklyn comes M-TRI, the triple-threat of emcee, deejay and producer. M-TRI was introduced to hip hop during its golden era through graffiti and break dancing and hasn’t looked back since. Being a student of the music of RUN DMC, LL Cool J, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane inspired him to pick up the pen and begin writing rhymes. The acronym M-TRI is taken from his birth name, Max Triolo. This hip-hop architect is constantly building through his subject matter, wordplay, punch lines, metaphors,and of course his flow, but to him there was an element missing- a deejay for live performances. Around the same time, Felice was taking a break from modeling to follow her roots in music, specifically her love for hip hop and that was when the M-TRI/DJ Leecy T duo was formed. M-TRI became her mentor and showed her how to blend, scratch and before she knew it DJ Leecy T was guest deejaying at venues with M-TRI and holding down the turntables for M-TRI during his live stage shows. During this time she also won the award for Best New DJ at the Rapathon 2009 and became a guest deejay on Equilibrium Radio 90.3FM in NYC. A male emcee and a female deejay with an interactive live show-they got a great response. DJ Leecy T finishes his sentences with scratch phrases and also scratches the choruses. They recently performed at the Apollo 75th Anniversary Celebration paying homage to those who paved the way in hip hop. Nowadays you can see the duo at venues such as Southpaw in Brooklyn, Bowery Poetry Club and Brown Bag Thursdays in NYC where you can catch their one-of-a-kind performance. For diehard hip hop fans, it is a must see!!

View footage from M-TRI’s live performance


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