20This month’s featured artist is Niles Davis

Niles (Chadwick Scott Phillips) life was chosen to provide the Earth with an alternative of hope. Born in Lansing, Michigan, his life was far from easy. Experiencing homelessness, constantly moving from shelter to shelter and hotel to hotel, one of the only things that remained constant for Niles was his deep adoration for art. Any form of art and creative expression really sparked his interest. Being influenced early by artist such as Miles Davis, John Lennon and Paul Robeson made him understand the importance of originality. Niles began to gravitate heavy towards Hip Hop and mainly the art of mc’ing. Artist such as Nas, Common, Big-L, Andre 3000 and J-Dilla to name a few, inspired Niles to pursue and refine his gift of writing and sculpting his artistry.

With a name inspired by the Nile in Egypt, Niles describes the similarities between him and the legendary river saying The Nile flows upstream in an unorthodox way. I’m going upstream in life in an unorthodox way. The Nile has been a provider since it’s existence. I have been a provider since my existence. The Nile is of African descent, I am of African descent. Plus, The Nile had a lot to do with the ancient Egyptian way of life and the power of that history dwells in my music. The list goes on as Niles is not just an emcee, but a huge history buff, both of the ancient and personal variety.

His music is enriched with influences of classic creations. He also has a direct inspiration of Be Bop through his father, Sam Gill who is a famous bass player (jazz/symphony) from the original beebop era. Sam Gill is a Thelonious Monk understudy who played bass on official albums of Art Blakey, Randy Weston, and countless others. He just retired from the Colorado Symphony Orchestra after 48 years. All of those mixtures create the essence of Niles.

After graduating from Michigan State University in 2006, Niles quickly moved to New York City to pursue his music career. Upon moving to New York he accomplished the following: Becoming the Harlem Rapathon Winner (out of 100 MCs), being an EOW Challenge winner, performing at Hot 97 Summer Jam 07′ & 08′, rapping solo on an official B.E.T commercial for the Barack Obama You(th) Vote commercial, Winning the “2007 Hot 97/Koch Records/E1 Who’s Next Talent Show” and winning the opportunity to release a single on Koch Records/E1. They released his single entitled “This Time”, produced by Roc-a-Fella’s “Boola”. Niles is also featured on an exclusive video entitled “The One”, which is directed by the legendary Ralph McDaniels. He also opened up for artists from KRS One to Dead Prez to DJ Premier and DJ Scratch. He also taught artist development workshops for “The Hip Hop Project”. With so much success in a short time period, it is only a matter of time before the world witnesses his gift. Welcome to the world of Niles.

Visit Niles Davis official website http://www.nilesdavis.net/