This month’s featured artist is Sheikia S. Norris, lyrically known as Purple Haze.

This month’s featured artist is Sheikia S. Norris, lyrically known as Purple Haze.
Beyond the mist and fog you find clarity, and that’s exactly what Purple Haze is. With her melodic flow and sharp lyrics her tunes are guaranteed to have you in a state of admiration. She’s been part of the Hip Hop Culture Center family for 3 years. Taking the stage on several occasions, she’s participated in the Annual Rapathon’s, Impact of Women in Hip Hop, and numerous Edutainment youth programs. She shares more than her incredible lyrical skills with us but her time and energy as a mentor for the youth. To get more info on Purple Haze see her biography below.

What is the Haze? Who is behind it?
Sheikia S. Norris, lyrically known as Purple Haze…The New Shade of Love, was born in the birthplace of Hip-Hop, The Bronx.  She currently resides in Newark, New Jersey.  After graduating from Johnson C. Smith in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sheikia bravely manifested dreams into reality by becoming a song writer, recording rap artist and spoken word performer.

Since recording her first rap demo at the age of sixteen, Purple has matured into a bona fide artist and performer.  Fearlessly and seemingly without effort, Purple shares her new perspective of exploring the inner core to the out surface of life. Through her music, she challenges her audience of listeners to do the same.  Her natural ease on stage holds the attention of the crowds as she engages them in each unique, memorable performance.  Using her voice to stimulate audience movement and positive thoughts, she also encourages and motivates people to embrace life’s inevitable changes along with its innumerable lessons.  Bridging the generation gap in hip-hop, enthusiasts of this art form seem to appreciate her energy and clever deliverance of truth.  Although heavily influenced by some of the most amazing women in raps history, Lyte, Lauren, Latifah and Lisa Left Eye, Purple has mastered her own rich style of spitting lyrics with power and substance.

It is Purple’s intention to share her gift with the world and use her music to elevate global consciousness and self-awareness and challenge us all to not only do more, but also BE more. Purple draws much inspiration from an eclectic group of artists such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, KRS-One, Baby Face, Frankie Beverly and Elton John.  She aspires to collaborate with the legend Aretha Franklin and talents such as Mike Phillips and Goapele.

Purp has painted it purple in Ghana, Egypt, Bermuda, Jacksonville, Maryland, Dallas, Virgina, DC, Charlotte, and the Tri state area including NJPAC’s Planet Hip-Hop3,  The Nuyorican Poet’s Café, Solomon’s Porch, The Five Spot, Serengeti Plains, The Blue Note, Mango’s, The Pyramid, Nocturnal Escape’s Soul Release, The Dancing Goat, Twin Touch, MTP Beat Battle, numerous schools, health centers, churches and community events such as Newark’s Case Fire Concert &  V Day event @ Joe’s Pub as a member of Toni Blackman’s Free Style Union I Rhyme Like A Girl crew. Recently, Haze performance during the 24 hr Rap-A-thon held at Harlem’s Hip Hop Culture Center was featured on BET’s Black Carpet and Rap City, her true “footage in the making”.

The eagerly anticipated independent album, “pH Balance” is expected to be released in 2009.  Recognizing the influence of her gift along with respecting the power of music, Purple is ready to reveal what’s behind the Haze!