July’s featured artist is Solomon Jazz


Is Solomon Jazz One of Another Kind?

Hip Hop culture has a trend of revealing true media moguls. The seed is planted when they hear that realness. You know, when they are interviewed years later and they are quoted along the lines of, “It was that real sound with that real message and flow, that real Hip Hop!” The details in between depend on their era of listening addiction.

He was a kid who cut class early, not for the latest Jordans, but to be the first to purchase Dana Dane’s new single and D-NICE’s most recent release. His zealous listening was all the motivation and ambition it took for him to become a creator of his own in Hip Hop. From a Tortola school boy aspiring to rhyme to the reality of being a heavily circulated name in the NYC underground scene, Solomon Jazz, is now a Brooklyn brand. Affluent in rhyming, promoting, and producing, this artist has definitely kept things JAZZY.

I got my whole life in front of me / nobody’s touching me / because I’m untouchable like an off shore company

We’re meant to go to college and commit to studying something that we want to pursue for the rest of our lives; something we can build from. When Solomon attended Hampton University as a software engineer major, he found himself gravitate toward his love, Hip-Hop. After reading Toni Morrison’s novel, Love, he was inspired to focus on the love that was consuming his heart. Not yet Solomon Jazz, still Tremis Skeete, he released his demo, “The Sounds of Trejam” his freshman year.

Tremis Skeete took time off from his passion, a phase that all artists go through in time but the real test is if they come back to their dream and that is exactly what he did. Once he established himself in the “real world” and found a steady job and income, Tremis Skeete, emerged in the NYC music scene as, Solomon Jazz. The name is a blend of two Toni Morrison novels (“Song of Solomon” and “Jazz”). His own evolution from Tremis to Solomon was relative to his literary influence, Song of Solomon and Solomon Jazz has been sharing his creative abilities ever since.

His latest album, I Know Where I Come From, is his rhymed coming of age story from his past, present, and future. With a 20 track list, including a bonus track, he has titled songs that represent all eras of his life such as: I Know Where I Come From, Let Me Shine, Sometimes I Do, Paradise Song, and many more. If you wish to know Solomon Jazz; this album has the answers to the artist and the man behind the art.

I present the future of food for thought to man / culinary art, conversation a la carte / just have an appetite, we got a lot, I’m not starving / and I’m not Martin, but you could King me…

In addition to his rhyming, Solomon Jazz, has also grown into his own with other aspects of performing art. From time to time he has taken on various roles ranging from producer, videographer, photographer, graphic designer, event planner, to promoter. He has done production for several artists; poet Charlotte Mishell’s Love, Charlotte (Co-Executive Producer), Wordsmith Jones (I Remember You), Kalil Kash’s 20 Years, Mr. Beatz’s Spit Therapy (title track), M-Tri’s M-Triumph, and Solomon didn’t stop there!

Some artists are only concerned about their growth musically; however, Solomon Jazz genuinely cares to foster the growth of his fellow musicians. ~Likwuid Stylez

Along with producing other artists’ work he has and continues to design album art (Kalil Kash “The Exit Method,” Charlotte Mishell “Love, Charlotte,” and Wordsmith Jones “Pride in A Dark Place.”)

He also has collaborated with other artists on songs such as; Underground’s Finest(Mr. Beatz), Light that Fire (Kalil Kash), Walk the Walk (Marvelous Magnum), Look What I Can Do Party Mix (Rebel Starr), Daughter to Hip Hop (Charlotte Mishell).

He is an artist with many different talents and he has performed all over the NYC area from; Southpaw, Nuyorican Poets Café, the Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem to The Bowery Poetry Club, and the internationally known End of The Weak. If you happen to miss a show just log on to www.solomonjazz.com where he will keep you updated on his latest projects, upcoming events and shows.

Imagine in action the confident, conscience inoculate / with the metronome vibe Obama couldn’t deny/ that the power of the people is the Most High.

Written and Edited by Lakita “Kita P” Jackson.