Rhyme of the Week
Written by Rapathon Veteran Homeboy Sandman















nothing made up
no eyeliner
stars are aligning
9 to 5 i’m doing the knowledge
bible, torah, koran, kaballah
running up mileage
not a molecule of the bollocks
shamans under bombers and marmots
come run with the brahman
i ba-wit-a-ba-ed my way up out of the bondage
i was the bars and taking part in the bonghits
i was going bonkers
that i’m not a carcass is a product of providence
that i’m making progress is a product of providence
can i get a Amen?
holla at your hominid
i’m appalled by marginal prophets
more concerned with margin of profit
and rising to prominence
than solving the problems on the province
so of course they’ve coined me corny and conscious
and assumed i’m square because i’m a rhombus
going bald, no bother, still looking gorgeous

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