Infatuated with him//
Not sure if it was love but still I struggle to forget him//
So I hid him, in the darkest corners of my heart//
Cuz though we’re not together we could never be apart//
From the start, I knew that it was written in the cards//
Our destiny combined designed to dwell amongst the stars//
But Mars was his origin my residence is Venus//
But even when we’re close a million light years between us//
Should’ve seen us back before the money and the fame//
Back when we were hungry and wanted the same thing//
I remained humble, loyal and true to him//
Respected it was something that he had to do for him//
But I miss him and I hope his recollection//
Brings him to place where he returns for my affection//
Neither one is perfect but our union was perfection//
A change is still a change even if it’s just perception