Rhyme of the Week
Written by BS


Song Title: “Choppin’ Onions” feat. Albert Rhymestein & QV (Download Here)

From: The Truth About Bullshit EP

Shhhhh don’t say it, just text it

Make sure the words and the feelings stay seperate.

Weeping willows, screaming sycamores

Recession special down at the liquor store.

These colors don’t run, conundrum by the oil drum

Sixty year old WASPs sting their own young.

They call me BS, but she didn’t notice me

Sowing seeds to bring Dave back, know THIS me.

Primordial soup, dash of Ramen Noodle

College vice college loan whole kit-n-caboodle,

I’m too broke my tooth broke took two smokes

Few left afloat, alma mater NY-U-boat,

Sing a blue note, then read a pink slip,

Keep hands below deck, abandon ship

You might’ve thought I was crying but i swear i wasn’t

….i was just choppin’ onions

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