Rhyme of the Week
Written by Chaz Kangas

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“My Hoodie” by Childish Gambino f/ Chaz Kangas (To listen click here)

“Y’all know I’m a hoodie all pro

find me in my hoodie like a hoodie Waldo.

Rocking Amadues like a hoodie Falco,

Staying self-absorbed like I’m Frida Khalo.

From the playground with the sports team on it

to the old folks’ home, put some morphine on it.

I rock my hoodie whether rain or shine.

Overpriced in a Sam Goody frame of mind.

Got in pouch in the front that holds my CDs

and warms my hands when it’s too breezy.

Believe me, the quickest way to get hurt

is if I catch you calling it a hooded sweatshirt.

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