Rhyme of the Week
Written by ControVERSEy


The Introduction
I don’t do spoken word
But my words are often spoken
You stay checkin on my status
Cause every phrase is worthy of quotin
I got ya’ll thinkin quienes es la nina
Because I barely touch the mic
But once I step up on the stage
You sayin damn! That chick is nice!
Some people call me SMG
But my homies know me as
Most people can’t handle
The truth that I spit
They wanna tie up my tongue
But they still can’t make me hold it
I articulate my verbiage
And I wrote a few books
You love me and you hate me
But you still gonna look
I graduated cum laude
AND I know how to cook
Who is that girl?
I know you already know
My homies call me SMG
But you can call me
When I’m rockin a show

For more info on ControVERSEy visit her website: www.timelesstrilogies.com