Rhyme of the Week
Written by Rapathon Veteran Frsh Aire (1/3 of TriBoro)

Title: GR8 MYNDZ

And the answer is simple,

There hasn’t been an album with this amount of potential,

Instrumentally meant to illustrate the chronological lines of the drama we’ve been through.

No.2 pencils and notepads, pens filled with that vengeful thought pattern.

Along with a heartwarming art form that hits the target like I’m verbally dart throwing.

Confidence high, honestly speaking the words paint pictures you should have silk-screened em’.

“R” rated cuz we so raw, gr8 myndz thinking like Mao tse tong.

Get in tune we the future’s music, we’re leaders of the new school for improvement,

Like an upgrade or a step-up, take ya whack songs and make em’ better (fresh).

Don’t be mad come to terms with, ya had ya chance but our turn is permanent,

So burn a bridge if you want to, cuz where we going with this one?

We couldn’t come back if we want to. If ghostwriters help rappers rhyme more?

We’re improving the game times four, I’m gone.

Frsh Vigga.

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