Rhyme of the Week
Written by Rapathon Veteran Rawyal

To live life & stress less-ah’s, my objective.

Rawyal the DreamCatchaz, so impressive.

Created my own lane/ My heart critizing my brain.

This is insane/ but keep doing ya thang.

If you going against the grain/ butchu gettin it done,

I mean what can they really say, when you second to none.

That’s why they pray for rain, while you sit in the Sun.

They groundhogz! / Probably prayed for BIG’s downfall.

Online for Steve’s Job/ knowin these are the odds &,

These are the breaks/ when believing you great.

You face, countless amounts of crumbs/ watchin ya plate.

Keep raisin the stakes/ till you higher than the Pearly Gates.

Ahead of my time, from the path I chose.

Heavens Highway over Hells low road.

Foes ain’t even close/ to oppose me as a ghost.

In the flesh, I’m one of the best of the best.

& the rest is just, All a Dream…

– “All a Dream”

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