Rhyme of the Week
Written by Genesis Be

Gen Be

These fat cats, count stacks, while we work and break our backs
Then they throw a couple stacks, chump change and petty cash,
Making war with other nations, then tell us all to vote
The world is run by corporations,
I really don’t know what you take me for,
Thinking that I’m young that I just don’t know,
Iraqi drilling, oil spilling, put it all together and make your billions,
I can’t stand my fam and friends affected by incompetence,
Losing jobs it makes no sense, this BP check can’t pay my rent.
But I never been the type to bite my tongue,
Cuz of this, I might die young,
I don’t care this life was fun,
Fight with words instead of guns,
Fight with passion thats everlastin’
And askinig these question they scared to ask,
I motivate you to action

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