Right about now I’m a get on this topic of diabetes
that could rock ya system like M-TRI cds
if you decide to listen, it takes the lives of the victims
so I’m a break down some of the signs and the symptoms
let’s, start with the first most common is the thirst
which often gets ignored and the problems get worse
excessive hunger, dizziness, and frequent urination
you should see your physician if this is whatcha facin’
some of the complications believe it’s no joke
high blood pressure, heart disease, and even a stroke
kidney disease, nerve damage, and after some time
if this ain’t treated efficiently well you could go blind
it’s a disorder when ya body can’t break down sugar fast enough
cause of the lack of insulin produced from the pancreas
and insulin’s a hormone that does the body well
when it helps move glucose from the blood to the cells
and if there’s no insulin then the glucose builds up
and then diabetes occurs, so listen up
diet and exercise can control this game
plenty of fruits and vegetables and fiber rich whole grains
lots of water stay hydrated and fresh juice works
less meat less dairy getcha food from the earth
and restricted saturated and trans fats
for a healthy heart and exercise will help handle that
that’s diabetes y’all!