Rhyme of the Week
Written by Rapathon Veteran Mala Reignz

malaCutOut (1)

Send a telegram, send send a telegram,

Let these playa haters know who I really really am

Reignz a problem, a Puerto Rock Sadaam

And a Scholar Prez, call me Taliban Rodham

Like Hillary, slap Bills to my man with the piffery

Light the torch for another victory

That’s how a Scholar do

Keep wings on my feet, grape leaves in a wreath over my do

God, that’s a bob not a weave,

But if the cops comin’ Ima bob and then weave

You outtta order, You prolly called em

Prolly quote em talkin’ bout ’stop thief freeze no, not me chief,

See I’m on a spree robbin’ spots like Cruella D

My crew will hella beat anybody messin’ with me

But you not steppin’

You must not got weapon guess you really not felon

Got criminal envy, a narrator enraged

You not the main character, just got upstaged

Off to the sidelines not gettin’ paid Mala Reignz headline but not – give – brain

Take notes, no, you should take a class

I spit dirty Bronx flow, you should take a bath

Not equipped for the workload

It might break ya back,

Why don’t you take ya little weak butt a nap


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