Rhyme of the Week
Written by Rapathon Veteran Pete Colon

The wheels on my truck go around your town

And the skills from my gut go around your crown

They penetrate your heart and levitate your thoughts

It used to weigh me down but now I elevate my cross

I take my loss and give success

A young vet who lives to rep

BX I’m gone give respect

Where its due I’m coming to a hood nearest you

Give you the clearest view

And you should fear my crew

Cause its a New Day spit in blu-ray Colon the rap Oliver Stone

I spit movies

Yeah i can smash but I don’t do groupies

Yeah I’m first class so I fly so smoothly

My words and the beat blend it up like a smoothie

Spittin hot wings so my paper be that blue cheese

Everywhere I go young ladies be like Who he?..It’s Pete

Colon like Obama he’s the new chief

History is made once the pencil hits the looseleaf

Do what you do cause please believe I’m a do me.

Move like Bruce Lee

Juke you in my new kleats

C’mon you corns are warm

Colon spew heat

Busting through your speaker

I’m a few feet deeper than the preacher

Colder than the hand of the reaper when I meet ya

But I’ll teach ya and I’ll greet ya like an equal

But I’m the choice for the Voice of the People