Rhyme of the Week
Written by Rapathon Veteran Shake Dizzy


Title: New clothes 

1 Yesss,
I Be throwing new clothes on/
2 wardrobe
look like I’m from another ozone/
3 no I’m not Drake
when I say I’m so far gone/
4 paparazzi screaming
wait Shake Dizzy hold on/
5 click click, click click
pose for them cameras/
6 they love it how my clothes
look fresh off the hangers/
7 hope in the lambo
speed off the scene/
8 with a model chick
I am living my dream/
9 a pocket fulla cream
sitting on a couple stacks/
10 swiping black cards
cuz the limit got no max/
11 heading to the climax
it feel like ecstasy/
12 I see y’all in my rear view
 tryin’ to get next to me/
13 I know that y’all watching
trying to do the same/
14 but we are built different
who the hell am I to blame/
15 my god giving talents
got me on the roster/
16 u paid for ya way
fraudulent imposter’s
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