Rhyme of the Week
Written by WordSpit 


“…Time is stuck, surrounding this moment he won’t elude it

Ready to lose it

Once they hit the cue, like pool sticks, steadily proves it,

To the skeptics and the producers

Robin Williams, couldn’t doubt fire, while burning the booth and cremating audio waves, while melting the mic wires

Anguish of an audio slave

Tie by the rhythm he rhymes

Chain by the melody

Tied by the rhythm that binds

The acupuncture of the pin goes deep in the rhyme

To seep in the lines

Transmitted to his larynx

Chill and roll silent like Charlie Chaplin for real

As we dare to go deeper, the hertz only concealed by stereo speakers

A pain is gain thru, a poet’s haiku

Its’ the hustling and struggling in this one

They can’t if they try to mussel him like Islam…Damn”

Poet’s Haiku –WordSpit

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