The Traveling Hip Hop History & Culture Exhibition is a living history of the music, style and art that began over a quarter century ago. The exhibition captures the original spirit of the music movement by infusing the art form’s ingenious simplicity with the latest interactive innovations to both educate and entertain. With a dynamic exhibition at the center piece, screening rare historical footage, cultural documents and artifacts, and interactive technology, symposiums and music demonstrations, The Hip Hop Culture Center In Harlem explores the global evolution of the Hip Hop movement through its past present and future and brings it to you!

Hip Hop has evolved from a micro culture that began in South Bronx thirty years ago to a global phenomenon that now generates billions of dollars for advertising and entertainment companies that use Hip Hop theme to sell their clients’ products and services. The rise of the Hip Hop industry has also precipitated a string of successful entrepreneurs and a new ownership class that can contribute their success not only to their mastery of music and entertainment but to business skills and marketing savvy that was nurtured and developed from a very young age.

Hip Hop is an experience that is open to all. The music and culture has served to breakdown cultural barriers in a similar way that sports has fostered cooperation, cultural awareness and understanding of people of diverse backgrounds. Hip Hop is the dominant force in popular culture and its mutual appreciation serves to bridge the gap between urban youth culture and mainstream America. With the Center’s new Pop-Up Exhibition capabilities, we can bring this traveling exhibit anywhere you need us!

Exhibition Hightlights:

  • 1,000 original flyers that promoted the first Hip Hop parties and events
  • Dynamic digital media projection of historically and culturally significant flyers
  • Period photographic image projections from the best selling book “Back in the Days” by Jamel Shabazz
  • Selected Classic Old School videos, in conjunction with the promotion of ‘Hip-O records’ release of the Hip Hop Box. the first definitive history of Hip Hop
  • 70 hours of original recordings of the first Hip Hop parties 25 years ago in the Bronx and Harlem that started it all