Free Journalism Classes for High School Students  August 17th, 2010


The Bronx News Network, in collaboration with College Now, is running a free journalism program for Bronx high school students. The next semester starts in September. Classes will be held at Hostos Community College on Wednesday afternoons from 4 to 6 p.m. and run for 12 weeks.

Students will learn the fundamentals of writing, reporting, and photojournalism through classroom instruction and hands-on reporting in their own neighborhoods. We will take them on field trips – including the newsroom of a daily newspaper. And they will learn about community activism and civic responsibility, how their neighborhoods work (or don’t), who has power, who doesn’t and why. Guest speakers will include reporters from the city’s daily newspapers.

Student work will be published in a special youth supplement called Bronx Youth Heard, which appears in Bronx News Network publications – the Norwood News, the Mount Hope Monitor, and the Tremont Tribune – giving youth a powerful voice in their own communities. Students who complete the course will receive a recommendation letter from our program coordinator. Depending on the school’s policy, there’s also the possibility of students earning class credit.

We are looking for students of all academic abilities, but they should be highly motivated, love to write, be naturally inquisitive, and care about what’s going on in their communities. To apply, please click here and print the application form. Fill it out, and mail it, along with an essay about yourself (see below), to Bronx Youth Journalism Initiative c/o Norwood News, 3400 Reservoir Oval East, Bronx, NY 10467.

In your essay, please tell us about yourself, where you go to school and your academic and extra-curricular interests, and why you are applying to this program and the issues you may be interested in writing about. Your essay should be at least 400 words long and typed. Please check your work and make sure you haven’t made any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or typos. Feel free to show your work to an adult before submitting.

The deadline for applying is Sept. 17.

The program was founded in 2007 and so far we’ve held five semesters. To read about an earlier semester, and students’ experiences, here’s an article that appeared in City Limits.

For more information about the classes or the application process, please call Jordan Moss or James Fergusson at (718) 324-4998, or e-mail

Cee-Lo to Host New Fuse Music Show   August 17th, 2010


Cee-Lo Green wasn’t exactly looking to become a television star — until the opportunity was handed to him.

When the cable network Fuse went to the Gnarls Barkley rapper-singer with the idea for a new music show, “Lay It Down,” he couldn’t turn away.

“It’s more than me wanting to do this, it’s someone wanted me to do it, which was very flattering and a compliment in the fact that I was asked to be a part of it,” Green said. “That was gratifying for me.”

In the interview- and performance-based show, set to premiere in October, Green will act as host — and sometimes collaborator — as he puts artists such as Lil Jon, Ludacris, T-Pain, N.E.R.D., Janelle Monáe and Public Enemy in the hot seat to break down their biggest hits and discuss the inspiration behind specific verses and beats. It’s a setting reminiscent, says Green, of a “modernized midnight television special.”

He said he hopes the show will provide fans an inside look at and artist’s creative process and offer little-known details behind some of the hits. For instance, Public Enemy’s “Yo! Bum Rush the Show” was written in the back of a U-Haul truck by Flavor Flav.

“I think this was an opportunity for everyone to be intimate about their own process, approach or formula, but true art isn’t exposed in its entirety. I believe it’s an opportunity to express a bit and reveal a bit but still maintain some mystique,” Green said.

Sal LoCurto, senior vice president of programming at Fuse, said adding shows such as Green’s to the network’s programming block only further sets it apart from other music networks such as BET, VH1 and MTV –  all of which have turned their attention to reality television.

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