The Hip-Hop Culture Center and Freestyle Mondays present the RAP BATTLE OF THE WEEK!

Once a week, the Hip-Hop Culture Center will be bringing you the best in freestyle rap competitions from Freestyle Mondays’ Off-The-Head Gameshow Battle at 116 Macdougal!

But this isn’t your average rap battle. With a spinning wheel AND a plinko (Plink, Yo!) board determining what the topic is, MCs will have to stay on-topic as they come of the top!

This week, we landed on the FOOD CHAIN round, placing two competing species for genus lyrical dominance! John O. (of the Gecko Brothers) holds it down for the CANNIBALS while reigning champ Albert Rhymestein (Dollar Coffee) represents the ZOMBIES!


Albert Rhymestein’s music can be heard at –

John O.’s music can be heard at –

Stay tuned to H2C2 for more battles and be sure to check out the Freestyle Mondays Off-the-Head Gameshow Battle the FIRST MONDAY of EVERY MONTH at 116 MacDougal in Manhattan!

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