The Hip-Hop Culture Center and Freestyle Mondays present the RAP BATTLE OF THE WEEK!

Once a week, the Hip-Hop Culture Center will be bringing you the best in freestyle rap competitions from Freestyle Mondays’ Off-The-Head Gameshow Battle at its NEW LOCATION at Ella Lounge!

But this isn’t your average rap battle. With a spinning wheel AND a plinko (Plink, Yo!) board determining what the topic is, MCs will have to stay on-topic as they come of the top!

In honor of the new location, we’re giving you a special TRIPLE SHOT of battles this week!

First, we kick things off with a first-round battle in the first battle at the new location with the 47% taking on the 53% as Rabbi Darkside takes on PremRock!

That same night things heated up in the C-Block round as Chaz Kangas and B.S. attempted to cockblock each other in rhyme form over the love of a female!

As as another special BONUS BATTLE we have the LAST BATTLE AT OUR OLD LOCATION EVER as LEX RUSH took on the mysterious EL GATO in the No-Rules No-Writtens Round in the FINALS of the August 2012 Championship!

Stay tuned to H2C2 for more battles and be sure to check out the Freestyle Mondays Off-the-Head Gameshow Battle the FIRST MONDAY of EVERY MONTH at our NEW LOCATION at ELLA LOUNGE at 9 Avenue A!

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